Our Company

Grinding Stone’s mission is to help our customers experience the quality and comfort of a natural lifestyle through natural self care and home care products. 

hand in the sun nature

Our Story

A natural lifestyle is about enjoying the power of nature for self care. City life has many advantages but also comes with overwhelming stimuli and chaos. We often crave mountaintop retreats or a beach vacation because we know that nature has the power to relax and refresh us. We can achieve the same feelings of comfort and relaxation in our daily lives by introducing nature into our daily routines. 

At Grinding Stone, we have created a collection of self care and home care products that use high quality, natural ingredients and are eco friendly. These products introduce the smells, feel, tastes and sights of nature into our homes. They help us reconnect to something pure and powerful and allow us to enjoy a more meaningful type of self care. 

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Our Products

We use pure and natural ingredients to create home care and self care products. Natural ingredients are deep and complex, providing the original luxury experience. They play with all of our senses and, at the same time, make us feel safe and secure bringing them into our homes. 

We create simple recipes because one ingredient from nature has the strength to get the job done. We also sell eco friendly products that replace plastic in our lives. 

Our Values

Our company uses low waste packaging. We use reusable glass jars or biodegradable containers for all of our products and up-cycled and/or biodegradable materials to pack orders. We also use unbranded boxes for shipping so our customers can easily reuse the packaging. 

Our company also values trust. We are always transparent with our customers about our products.  

Our company values long-term relationships. We want to help our customers create a long-term relationship with a natural lifestyle and want to build a quality shopping experience for them that will last the years. We are not looking for short-term profits. 


A Message to Our Customers

Hello, my name is Saumya and I am the founder of Grinding Stone. Welcome to the shop! I hope you enjoy looking through the collection. If anything, I hope the products have piqued your curiosity about a natural, chemical free lifestyle. Using natural, eco friendly products is a really relaxing and peaceful experience and just feels right. I want to share this experience with you through my products and hope you enjoy connecting with nature as much as I do.