Why You Should Reuse Water

Why You Should Reuse Water

Little moments improve the quality of our day. Taking the first sip of fresh coffee to cure the morning caffeine withdrawal, feeling the splash of a perfectly warm shower, taking the first sip of fresh coffee to cure the evening caffeine withdrawal. What we’ve learned is the little actions we take throughout the day, the ones that mean something to us because we took the effort and time to carry them out - those actions fulfill us and relax us and feed our sense of identity.

One of the little ways we can improve the quality of our day is by reusing our laundry water, cooking water and vegetable rinse water to water our garden. 

After washing clothes with natural detergent, we fill bucket after bucket of water and carry it to various parts of the garden to feed the plants. When we soak our fruits and vegetables in our Veggie Wash, we must take two separate trips, one to pour out the soaking water and then to pour out the rinsing water. Mopping water is still easier as our house help disposes the water in the garden.

Why do we take all this effort to reuse our water? Doesn’t it get annoying? The answer is no. In fact, we enjoy it. Sure, sweatily carrying around buckets of water does not sound the best. Even momentarily stepping into the outdoors, with the blistering heat at the ready to fry your skin, just so you can pour out cooking water sounds unbearable. But it’s totally worth it.

Why? Because firstly, the large amount of water waste we are reducing is undeniable. Just one laundry load produces 4 buckets of water, approximately 72 liters. Soaking and rinsing about 500 grams of vegetables uses around 2 liters of water. These numbers are no joke. Depending on the size of your home, a bucket of mopping water could result in 10 liters of water waste. 

The second, most important reason you should reuse water is that it feels good. I just saved the environment. No, it’s not highhanded to give yourself some appreciation. In fact, it is necessary. Today, I reused water and it felt good and I did the right thing. Tomorrow, I am going to try something else and so on. Before you know it, you've developed an arsenal of eco-friendly habits.

And they all feel great. We've realized that taking mindful actions is less about doing the right thing and more about self soothing. It feels fulfilling. It feels right. And it just adds some good vibes to a busy day. 


P.S. If you don’t have a garden to reuse water in, well, why not! Decorating the home with houseplants or creating a small balcony garden is extremely soothing and a great way to connect with nature. Look for more information on cultivating a garden in our next blog post!

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