Bulk Up

Bulk Up

Stroll into a grocery store today for a snack or your weekly haul and you will find what you are looking for in beautiful packaging. Packaging plays a major factor in attracting the eyes of potential customers. What is so interesting is that what is inside the packaging is what truly matters, but our eyes and our heads sometimes trick us into thinking otherwise. 

In the key moments of shopping, we are processing hundreds of data points like past experiences with the product, the presentation of the shopping aisles, hunger, the packaging and, of course, the price. Buying in bulk, which does not necessarily mean buying more, can be a simple and easy way for you to be more connected with your shopping experience. 

Here are 5 benefits of buying in bulk:

1) Choice

Companies package raw ingredients and other prepared food in sizes and packaging that may not necessarily be right for you.

Instead of having to choose between prepackaged sizes, buying in bulk gives you the flexibility to take as much of the item is required.

2 and 3) Reducing food waste and saving money

By choosing the amount that is right for you, you are also reducing your food waste. For example, if you are testing out a new recipe with ingredients you have never worked with before, buying the minimum 500 grams of that ingredient would not be required. By taking what you need, you’re preventing waste and saving money.  

 4) Eliminating plastic

If you bring your own bags and containers, made of cloth, glass or steel, you could eliminate plastic from your shopping experience. Although it is a useful material, plastic generally is not recycled, so avoiding the material would reduce your impact on the earth.

5) Connect to the substance and source of your purchase 

Instead of letting the packaging of a product influence your decision to purchase or not purchase, buying with minimal packaging helps you focus on what is important: what is inside the packaging. When you see products that are "naked" without their decorative jackets, it is easier to consider where those ingredients have come from. Shopping with a focus on the source of what you purchase is important because we should be concerned about who is growing what we consume, in what environments, how it is harvested, if it is processed and where it is has been handled.

6) Get creative

The interesting part about buying in bulk is thinking about how you will manage without your friend plastic. Cute, up-cycled bags from a sheet or dress can add some color and fun to grocery shopping! Showing up with glass jars clinking and filling them with staples makes shopping feel like you are at the candy store. The accessories that you bring can represent your personality! 


Practicing mindfulness reduces our stress and brings us in tune with our surroundings.  If you are able to apply mindfulness during your shopping rituals, especially while bulk shopping you could see a significant shift to being healthier and happier. Try practicing this for your next few trips and notice what happens. 

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