6 Thoughts To Contemplate When You See Litter

1. “Oh wow, that’s a piece of garbage on the ground.”

Let’s start by acknowledging the garbage that sprinkle our streets before they start blending into the background. That shiny chocolate foil did not come with the sidewalk as a bonus feature. It is not supposed to be there.

2. “How did it get there?”

Science has confirmed wrappers and papers can’t walk. We know humans are the main vehicles by which they are transported. And there needs to be communication between the human brain and hand whereby the brain instructs the hand to literally drop a piece of garbage into the environment.

3. “Are litterers self aware?”

We already know the answer to this question.

4. “What’s going to happen to this piece of garbage?”

Create a story, if you will, in which this piece of litter is the main character about to embark on an adventure. There are many possible plot points. My favorite is when a squirrel chokes on the litter mistaking it for food or, the second favorite, when the garbage washes away into a sewer and pollutes our water bodies.

5. “Should I pick it up?”

Yes! Throw trash away in the proper receptacle. Not only will you be helping our environment but others will also observe you. Set an example!

6. “What else can I do about this littering problem?”

Spread the message. Educate our young ones about the importance of protecting our environment. Put up signs in your neighborhood. Many people may ignore the message but one convert could result in countless pieces of litter off our streets.

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